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Cozzy's Question is Here!

Even if it was your very first chance to attend one of those amazing conventions the third weekend in July in Bristol, Rhode Island, you were a camper to Papa NECon.

The wait is over! The late Bob Booth's final story, as written by Matt Bechtel, was officially released as a White Noise Press chapbook at NECon 34 the weekend of July 19, 2014.There are still copies available for purchase. Please select the page link at right for more information.


Early Design Work for "Cozzy's Question"

I am considering designing the next White Noise Press chapbook in the Arts & Crafts style, along the lines of what might have been published in the very early 1900s by Roycroft, Stickley or William Morris, not quite severe enough for Mission, but not too organic for Art Noveau. Here is something I did from some design work by Maurice  Verneuil:


"The Thing With Feathers" Is SHIPPING

All pre-orders will be in the hands of the Post Office by Friday afternoon. A very big THANK YOU to all who ordered! We still have a certain number left, but WNP chaps always sell out, so please do not hesitate to place your order! The order button is on the "The Thing With Feathers" page at right.


PRE-ORDER "The Thing With Feathers"

Follow the link at right to the "The Thing With Feathers" page to find the PayPal order button.

All orders will be filled beginning the second week in March. For all customers with reserved numbers, please supply your number in the "Special Instructions" box on the PayPal ordering screen. Thanks!


The Thing With Feathers

Emily Dickinson composed her poem “#254” at some point in the mid-1880s. It began:

Hope is the thing with feathers

That perches in the soul.

Norman Prentiss has written “The Thing With Feathers” inspired in part by the Dickinson poem, but also by the poignant story of two people: a young man possessing a terrible desire, and a young woman equally obsessed with a terrible fear.

“The Thing With Feathers” is a perfect example of the type of horror fiction that has won Prentiss the prestigious Bram Stoker Award two times so far: quiet, observant, written in elegant prose … ultimately, unerringly devastating … and yet…

"The Thing With Feathers" will be published in an edition of 150 numbered copies in the Spring of 2014. Pre-orders will be accepted here beginning March 1st.